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Backpack & Lunchbag Combination - Various Designs

Backpack & Lunchbag Combination - Various Designs


Our all-time gold standard for durability, portability and design. This classic backpack is your best friend wherever you may roam. Whatever your style, you'll always find the bold fresh look to match your personality with our eye-catching designs. Make even more than a fashion statement - each of our classic backpacks are made from 4 recycled plastic bottles, so they are great for the environment! Lightweight, and waterproof, they fold away into a small pouch when not in use or travelling, and like everything we make, they're strong, durable and rip-proof, holding up to 15Kg.

recycled plastic bottles

Eco Chic's lightweight. Zippable lunch bags are fully insulated to keep food and drink at the right temperature for up to 3 hours! Lightweight and durable they are great for school or work lunches. These cool bags are recycled from 1 plastic bottle.

recycled plastic bottles SAVE APPROXIMATELY 10%

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