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Burton's Fish & Chips

Burton's Fish & Chips


Burton's Fish 'n' Chips are savoury fish and chip shaped mini snack biscuits, generously seasoned with an all-time classic snack flavour - salt and vinegar! These delicious fish and chip snack biscuits have been baked to perfection, packing a satisfying crunch and an even more satisfying taste. Perfectly snack sized and conveniently packaged in a 5 pack of 25g snack bags!

Most popular throughout the 80s, these retro mini snack biscuits were a huge hit and quickly became a British classic. A few short years later they were discontinued by Burtons in the 90s, disappearing from shelves and not to be seen for over a decade. Due to increasingly popular demand across the UK, Burtons decided to restart production of their Fish n Chips in 2014. Shortly after their return, they quickly became one of Britain's favourite snacks once again!

 5 X 25g

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