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CD - Jimmy Shand Accordion Favourites

CD - Jimmy Shand Accordion Favourites



  1. The Veleta
  2. Gay Gordons (Medley) - Cock O' the North/Major John MacLennan
  3. Highland Scottishe (Medley) - Louden's Bonnie Woods/The Braes O'Mar/Keel Row/Castles In The Air
  4. Dundee Reel (Medley) - Bonnie Dundee/The Rock & Wee Picle Tow/Castles In The Air
  5. Kiss Me Quick My Mother's Coming (Medley) - Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming/ Babes In the Woods/ O'er the Hills and Far Away
  6. St. Bernard's Waltz (Snow in Summer)
  7. Eightsome Reel (Medley) - Mrs. MacLeod/Fairy Dance/De'il Amang the Tailors/Soldiers Joy/Speed the Plough/The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  8. Eileen Alannah
  9. Miss Betty Fitchet's Wedding
  10. Lassie
  11. Bluebell Polka
  12. Scottish Country Dances in Strict Tempo 1 (Medley) Hamilton House/The Royal Scottish Country Dan/Sally Hunter/Old Rosin the Beau
  13. Scottish Country Dances in Strict Tempo 2 (Medley) - Within a Mile of Edinburgh Toon/Scotland Yet/Sound the Pibroch/There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose
  14. The Flowers Of Edinburgh (Medley) - The Flowers of Edinburgh/The Waverley Steps/Norman Whitelaw
  15. Somebody - Barn Dance
  16. Comin' Through the Rye (Medley) - Comin' through the Rye/Logie O' Buchan/Evenie Water/ My Heart is Sair For Somebody
  17. Set of Reels (Medley) - The Drummer/Loch Leven Castle/Glenlivet
  18. Victory Waltz (Medley) - Nelly Kelly/ Daisy Bell/I Belong to Glasgow/We Parted on the Shore/When Irish Eyes Are Smilin'
  19. Royal Scots olka
  20. Monymusk (Medley) - Monymusk/Stirling Castle
  21. La Rinka

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