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Lost Ireland

Lost Ireland

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Lost Ireland: 1860 1960 presents a panoramic sweep of Ireland's forgotten built heritage. From war and insurrection, to prosperity and development, the changes wrought by history have meant that a whole swathe of our built past no longer survives, save through the magic of the camera lens. Drawing on a variety of photographic archives, this book offers a wide sample of what was lost to these changes: the humble mud huts of the transient labourer, and the thatched mansions of the prosperous farmer; the edifices of industrial innovation and technology; the grand homes of the well-to-do, including the infamous big house. Organized by county, Lost Ireland reveals a layer of Irish history which is both fascinating and nostalgic, not just in its bricks and mortar but also in the events and the people who inhabited those settings.

By: William Derham (Hardcover)

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