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MacKays Jams / Preserves

MacKays Jams / Preserves


All jams/preserves come in a 340g glass jar.

Seedless Bramble - A smooth jam made with brambles. Seedless in taste and appearance.

Rhubarb & Ginger - Great served on hot toast or muffins at breakfast to compliment the warmth of the ginger.

Raspberry & Rhubarb - Made with whole fruit, the authentic way in copper pans.

Ginger - A traditional preserve, prepared with root ginger and spices.

Scottish Blackcurrant - A traditional rich preserve made with Scottish blackcurrants. Enjoy with afternoon tea.

Scottish Raspberry - Made with raspberries grown in the berry fields of eastern Scotland. Wonderful spread thickly over hot toast.

Scottish Strawberry - Made with the finest whole Scottish strawberries and wonderful with afternoon tea. Made with berries grown in the fields of eastern Scotland.

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