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The Scottish Collection Disc 3 - Various Artists CD

The Scottish Collection Disc 3 - Various Artists CD


 Various Artists including:  Glen Daly, Lena Martell, The Alexander Brothers, Will Starr, Calum Kennedy, Jim MacLeod, Andy Stewart and Jimmy Blue


  1. Scotland The Brave
  2. Bonnie Wee Annie
  3. Songs of the Borders Medley: The Friendly Folk O' the Border/Bonnie Gallowa'/Soft Lowland Tongue
  4. Scottish Trilogy Medley: Auld Lang Syne/Loch Lomond/Amazing Grace
  5. Down In the Glen
  6. MacNamara's Band
  7. Marching Home Medley: Campbelltown Loch/Rothesay O/ The Piper O' Dundee/No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'/
  8. Mary of Skye
  9. The Sky is Bluer in Scotland
  10. Cuckoo Walts
  11. Auld Scots Songs Medley: Sing Tae Me The Auld Scots Sangs/The Rowan Tree/The Auld Hoose/Sing Tae Me The Auld Scots Sangs (reprise)
  12. Grand March Medley: Dumbarton Castle/Highland Laddie/The Black Bear
  13. A Guid Scotch Nicht
  14. Ther's Nae Toon Medley: Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen/The Road to Dundee/I Belong To Glasgow
  15. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
  16. A Scottish Soldier
  17. Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh
  18. Dear Old Glasgow Toon
  19. Dreaming of Home
  20. Flower of Scotland

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