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About us

White Heather Imports was founded in Calgary in the early 1970s, and has been established for more than 40 years. Jim Osborne bought the business in 1996 when it was located on 4th Street SW. He had been looking for an opportunity to leave the construction business and his involvement in the Scottish community coupled with the retirement of John and Jean Whitelock provided just that opportunity.

Jim and his family arrived in Calgary from Aberdeen in 1976 where Jim was employed as a cabinet maker. His apprenticeship included work in some of the great houses in North Eastern Scotland, restoring antiques and installing fittings. You can admire some of his cabinet making skills in Calgary in locations such as The Ranchmen’s Club, The Petroleum Club and even some elevator cars.

Jim remains very committed to the Scottish and Irish communities, not just in Calgary, but across western Canada. He is an active member of the Calgary Burns Club and The 78th Fraser Highlanders and is pleased to provide support to cultural and community organizations wherever he does business. 


106A - 10th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta

Phone (403) 264-6383


Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-6PM
Sunday 11AM-5PM