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Scottish Rental Wear

By the piece or by the package.

All our rental stock is available individually or as a package. A package consists of a kilt with flashes, a jacket & vest, a sporran with straps, and belt with buckle. We do not rent shirts, ties, kilt hose or shoes, but do have reasonably priced stock available to purchase. For the occasional kilt wearer, we suggest dress black shoes which you may already own.

All our prices are listed as 1-day rentals (pick up the day before, and return the day after). If you need it longer, please contact us, and we can give you a good price for an extended period. The prices of rentals are listed below as individual rental prices, or you can rent the full package as described above for $175.00.

Kilts - $85.00

No man looks sharper than when wearing a kilt. Be it a wedding, graduation, Burns function or other special occasion, let us assist you with the essentials and accessories.

Our rental stock is comprised of three tartans: Black Watch, Flower of Scotland and Royal Stewart. The greatest range of sizes is in Black Watch and Flower of Scotland, from 28” to 52”. Royal Stewart available in limited sizes and quantities from 28" to 42"

Jackets - $85.00

We carry the classic Prince Charlie coaties with vests for formal occasions as well as Argyll jackets, which are suitable for both day and evening wear. Sizes range from 36" to 54". Argyll vests can now be rented on their own for $30.00

Sporrans - $25.00-$30.00

Three styles of sporrans are available: Dress (typically sealskin), Semi-dress (sealskin and leather) and Hunting (all leather). Sporran straps are included.

Belts & Buckles - $25.00

Our belts are Velcro-adjustable, with a chrome finished Celtic buckle.

Flashes - $5.00

Our flashes are adjustable, coordinating colours and tartans to the kilts. They are available in Black Watch, Flower of Scotland, Royal Stewart, Green, Red, Black, and Navy Blue.

Other Items Available for Rent

Cummerbunds & Bow Ties - Available in Black Watch, Flower of Scotland, and National Millennium - $25.00

Ladies Sashes - Available in Black Watch, Flower of Scotland, and Royal Stewart - $25.00

For the wee ones - We carry a limited selection of boy's kilts (in various tartans), sporrans, and belts with buckles. Depending on size, prices range $25.00 to $65.00.

Are you thinking about buying but not sure if you will like it? We recommend that you rent first. If you like it, we will apply the individual price of one rental towards your purchase. For example, if you rent the full outfit for $175.00 then decide to purchase, we will take up to $230.00 off.