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Board Game - Outlander: The Series

Board Game - Outlander: The Series

Step through the stones of Craigh na Dun and run through the Scottish Highlands with the handsome Jamie. The year is 1743, and the outlaw James Fraser is at your side as you navigate the thrills and dangers of the Highlands. Use your wit, reach the right locations, make the right friends, and gather the items you need, all while keeping Jamie out of the hands of the many who would do him wrong. The gallows await fair Jamie (or worse!) should you fail. Fulfill your destiny and win his heart, only then will victory be yours!

You have stepped into the role of Claire Randall, a resourceful woman out of her time and thrown into the wilds of eighteenth century Scotland, travelling alongside the outlaw James (Jamie) Fraser who is your one true destiny. In this game, you will select an Event scenario to fulfill, ensuring that you travel to the right locations, meet the right friends, and accumulate the right items that match the given scenario. As Jamie moves about the board, he may encounter any of three enemies: The Watch, The Red Coats, and Black Jack Randall. Fulfill your Event while keeping Jamie away from his enemies, and ensure that you’ve gained more of Jamie’s favour than any other player. As a co-operative game, every player aims to fulfill the Event in play to win the game. Competitively, the player who has gained the most Favour from Jamie wins his heart and is the true winner of the game. If Jamie should encounter an enemy with no means of escape, the Event is failed and the game is lost for every player.
Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Duration: 40-60 minutes

Game Design by Ashley Killeen and Graphic Design by Matthew Killeen


Outlander TM & © 2021 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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