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Handfasting Ribbon - Scottish Tartans MacI - MacP

Handfasting Ribbon - Scottish Tartans MacI - MacP


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic and symbolic pagan tradition of unity. Nowadays, it can be incorporated in Christian and other religious ceremonies. A couple will stand face to face and express their commitment in their own words while their hands are fasted (bound) together.  

Handfasting has become increasingly popular in Scotland with the couple performing the ritual with a tartan (cloth) ribbon. The ceremony can be performed with one or two ribbons whether one or both are Scottish.

The Scottish Shoppe provides this ribbon in over 600 tartans. As there are so many tartans to choose from, we cannot carry them all, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. However, we do carry some in stock. Other tartans that are not listed may be available. If you do not see the tartan you would like, please contact us.

Size: 54" X 2" inches.

We try to ensure that every product is accurately represented online, however, colours may appear differently on different computer screens.

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