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Island Nurse, The - Peat Smoke and Porridge

Island Nurse, The - Peat Smoke and Porridge


Disillusioned with the way of life in the south of England in the early 1970s, Nurse Cameron moves to a small, remote and beautiful island in the Hebrides with her husband and two young children, where she becomes the district nurse. In The Island Nurse, we are introduced to the crofters, the laird, the doctor, boatmen and members of the small community as the nurse goes about her duties. Joy and sadness,hilarity and piety are set against the old-fashioned island culture, the glory of the mountains and sea, and the wild weather, while jolly ceilidhs and humorous events rub shoulders with real danger, adventure and tragedy, as the nurse attends to her patients and gets to know the islanders and their sometimes bizarre ways.

By Mary J. MacLeod  (soft cover)

This series has been a fantastic seller.

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