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Nicht Afore Christmas - Scots Language Edition

Nicht Afore Christmas - Scots Language Edition


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‘Twis the nicht afore Christmas, whan aa through the hoose Nae a craitur wis steerin, no een a moose’.  Faither Yuletide is on his annual journey round the world and has just arrived over Scotland. One dad is in for a big surprise! Enjoy the original Christmas poem, ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore, imaginatively translated into Scots by Irene McFarlane, and beautifully illustrated by Rosemary Cunningham. Brought to you by the publishers of The Wee Mowdie. A Nicht Afore Christmas is an illustrated children’s book in Scots built upon the well-kent nineteenth-century poem, ‘The Night Before Christmas’. Irene McFarlane, the translator, is a Scots language user and writer, who has taught Scots language to children for forty years. Irene’s translation aims to position Scots into the centre of mainstream culture, tapping into recognizable and revered cultural products so that the Scots can be creative and playful without distancing the reader.

Translated by Irene McFarlane & Illustrated by Rosemary Cunningham

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