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Scotland's Greatest Mysteries

Scotland's Greatest Mysteries


Everyone loves a good mystery, and over the centuries Scotland has had more than its fair share of unexplained and unsolved events which continue to perplex and fascinate to this day. In this collection we examine 18 historic and infamous cases of death, disappearance and deception. Whatever happened to the three missing keepers of the Flannan Isles lighthouse? Why was Jean Milne murdered in her Broughty Ferry mansion? What became of the Cessna pilot who flew from the Isle of Mull on Christmas Eve? Who fired the bullet that killed SNP activist William McRae? From the enduring riddle of the Loch Ness Monster, to inexplicable crimes that have baffled investigators for decades, we investigate and explore the known facts and the numerous theories behind these extraordinary real-life stories. Which, for as long as they are unsolved, will remain Scotland’s Greatest Mysteries.

Compiled By Rick Wilson (soft cover)

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