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Scottish Murders

Scottish Murders


Here are twenty true tales of muder most foul; dark deeds at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots; the great Victorian trials of Madeline Smith and Dr Edawrd Pitchard ("The Human Crocodile"); they grisly exploits of the body-snatchers Burke and Hare; and the still-undetected 'Bible John', who terrorised a famous Glasgow dancehall in the 1960s. The famous Scottish murder cases here are by no means straightforward crimes. Some are still unresolved; in some, the apparently innocent are found guilty, in others the guilty have walked free - some by means of that uniquely Scottish verdict, 'Not Proven'. The legal process could produce some unlikely results, leading to trials nearly as notorious as the crimes they sought to prosecute. From the busy streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow to the remote, desolate beauty of the Scottish Highlands, these cases are in turn chilling and heart-breaking, but never less than fascinating.

By:Lisa Wallis & Derek Wright (soft cover)

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