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Shona The Shetland Pony

Shona The Shetland Pony


Ella and Robbie McDavies live on Glen Millarbann farm in the Highlands of Scotland. They love living on the farm with all the animals near by, and help Mr and Mrs McDavies feed the sheep and collect the eggs every day. One day, Mr and Mrs McDavies surprise the children with anew addition their farm - a beautiful brown Shetland pony. Ella and Robbie decide to call her Shona, and they spend all summer long taking her for walks and rides. When Ella and Robbie go back to school in the autumn and the seasons march on, Ella and Robbie don't come to see her anymore. Finally, as she stands freezing in her field, Heather the Highland cow takes Shona in to protect her from the cold winter. In Spring when Ella and Robbie do finally come back to see her, they are surprised when she doesn't want play with them! In this story of friendship, Ella and Robbie learn that they cant just look after Shona when the sun shines, but that they must take care of her all year round.

Written by: J. Abernethy

Illustrated by: Garry Thorburn


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