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Sporran - Day/Semi Dress Clan Black Rabbit MAL-Y

Sporran - Day/Semi Dress Clan Black Rabbit MAL-Y


This day/semi dress sporran has a Celtic embossed flap and can be ordered in your clan. It has three ball tassels. Includes a chain strap and very nice packaging.

This item is made to order, and needs to allow approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Used as a casual day wear or semi-dress sporran.

As these sporrans are made from real rabbit fur, the colours and markings may vary from the images. Made in Scotland.

Each of our sporrans come with a $1.00 hansel, an old tradition.

Hansel: A gift given for good luck.

Don't see the sporran you are looking for? Please enquire as many other options and custom sporrans are available by order.

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